There are so many verses that God gave me the past years and it is interesting how I always understood them with my head until for some well-known reasons it did hit my heart.

The reasons that helped the verses press on my heart were mostly TRIALS. You think that trials’ definition in life is “hell”? It is tough, I can’t contradict you as I got many and am still in. But what if we could see trials as opportunities?

Isn’t what the Word says in James 1:2-4 “Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”

Beside this famous passage of the bible, there are of course many other that have started slowly to glue themselves on my heart. One in particular got a huge impact on my “broken in pieces but ready to heal” heart; the verse we find in Jeremiah 29:11.

“ For I know the plans I have for you, ‘says the Lord’, plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope”

At first I said to God, “But God, something is wrong with this verse, something is totally wrong! I mean, my life is horrible! I am going through trials, pain and suffering for months now, even years and you say in this verse that you have plans for good for me? I don’t get it….”

You know what Jesus replied? He simply said, with his soft loving voice “But sweetie, I never said that you wouldn’t go through trials. ‘Plans for disaster’ are not ‘trials’ and 'trials' are not 'plans for disaster'. So when I tell you that I do have plans for good for you and not for disaster, you have to take it word by word as it is said. I am working on the plans I prepare for you sweetie and those plans are for good. But while I work on this, you will still have to endure trials in this fallen world.”

Trials have NOTHING to do with plans for disaster. And as I am pressing on through my actual life and moving slowly out of the past broken year 2016, I need to remember that God is my FatherHe loves me and has amazing plans for good for me. As a Christian, you can keep yourself locked in pity and with little faith, hoping that ‘someday’ you will be happy or you can take the weapon God offers you (HOPE BY FAITH) and dream big, knowing that you-will-never-be-disappointed by Jesus because HE-IS-GOOD.

God is a God of goodness, He is the God of love, He is love.
And unless you know Him, you will never be able to understand and trust his Word and love for you!
When God says that he has plans for good for us, let’s stop believing the lies of the devil and focus on what is real: His word is truth so if He says it, it means He is what He says He is and He means what He says!!!

Folks, understand that: God loves us more than our earthly parents do. He loves us to the point to give his only Son for OUR lives. Can you imagine this? Jesus took ALL the sins upon his shoulders at the cross, to save ALL of us. Can you see the value you have? As Austin Bevere said once “Here when we see the value we have in this sacrifice Jesus made of Himself, we speak volume of value!”

So again, and I repeat it; the trials we are going through have nothing to do with God being mean to us, or that He doesn't love us or that His Word can't be trusted. Some trials are consequences of our acts and some trials have no explanations and are here to test our faith. God wants us to lean on Him and Him only.

And when we understand with our heart the power of God and His nature (a good good Father), trust me, it’s a life changing experience.
What I understand from my personal life right now and the past months, is that with the trial I went through the past year (Click here for a fresh reminder) I got such an opportunity to reconnect with my God! Whatever I face right now doesn’t scare me anymore because I just know who I am in Christ and that indeed He has plans for good.

And you? Do you trust Him?

Kat Leen.


Today, I’d like to share with you a thought that literally jumped into my head a few days ago as I was falling asleep and I had to wake up in excitement, to record it, in order to be able to tell you this. (Yes, by the way, I have hundreds of voice memos on my iPhone because the Holy Spirit keeps speaking to me most of the time in the night just when I am about to sleep and I’m kind of lazy to grab a pen :))

Did you ever realize that all the famous Christian speakers have one thing in common: they are not ashamed of their past and failures. No shame of what they have been in the past.

Let’s take the example of this famous French Christian speaker, Thierry Kopp leader of the ministry HM TRANSFORMATION. He was a drug dealer and procurer, and has been put to jail at this time of his life.
And what could have been his worse weakness (exposed to people who can judge him and criticize him today), has become his biggest strength!  He uses his story of life to make people understand that God loves everybody and forgives. If you feel like the worse sinner on planet earth right now, take a deep breath, keep calm because God loves you anyway and He forgives you if you repent with a sincere heart :)

Now, you know Joyce Meyer right?
This strong woman is well known in the Christian world; amazing preacher from the United states, she travels all around the world with her ministry JOYCE MEYER MINISTRIES. She has been abused by her dad for years when she was young and ended up fighting against whoever man was trying to rule over her. She married Dave and in her first years of marriage, it was tough because she literally made it tough. She explains today how she was demanding with her husband for him to change, making herself a victim instead of trying to figure the situation out. Today, and after years of slavery in lies, she freely tells us how she has been restored by God and uses her great restored marriage to testify to people how God good is.

Another example is the example of Lisa Bevere. She is an amazing woman who has a huge ministry called MESSENGER INTERNATIONAL in marriage relationships and focused especially on women.
Now, when her and her husband got married, I can tell you from what she says that she has been the type of woman to confront her husband all the time instead of understanding that both together were ONE STRENGTH. She would try to change her husband making him the way she thought he should be and provoking, in the end result, huge fights to the point to wonder what in the world brought them together on the first place! Listen to her preaching, watch her videos and read her books and you’ll be amazed at how she openly exposes herself, telling all the failures that have been part of who she was 30 years ago.

Here are only 3 examples of today’s preachers but folks, there are SO MANY examples of Christians who have struggled with failures and use them today to tell people that they are human, they are weak and it is in humility and in Christ that strength is revealed.

They are not ashamed of what they have been, because they understood today WHO THEY ARE in Christ.
2 Corinthians 5:17
“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come!”

They have been forgiven and what is important is not what they have been or have made, but what God calls them to be and what they are becoming for Christ and His Kingdom.

Philippians 3:13
“But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize of God’s heavenly calling in Christ Jesus.…”

Dear readers, those amazing people are not better than you are. I am not better than you are; I myself have my own story that you can discover on this blog in my previous posts; a story I am not ashamed of anymore because I know now who I am in Jesus. And when we let God act in our lifeamazing things can happen for His glory. He wants to guide you on the best pathway for your life. You only have to say yes, and let Him lead you wherever He planned to.

Start proclaiming the truth saying that : “For when I am weak, then I am strong.”  ~ 2 Corinthians 12:10

Head up, smile and handle what you have been because this is what will make your today’s story strong! All for Jesus and all for His glory!!

Kath Leen.


« Hope »…a theme that comes back very often in a lot of different ways and it seems like we already went around the question a multiple time, isn’t?

However, “Hope” for me is a theme that looks like to change on our road of maturity.

When we are a child, as boys we hope to get under the tree, the racing car that we just saw in a commercial on TV or as girl, the Barbie Playa with her great amazing pink car that makes us feel like we are pretty cool for 6 years old, showing all our girlfriends the latest gift we received and confirming we will have the same car when we will be old enough to drive.

When we are teenager, we hope for a motorcycle or for our mom to accept the new hair color we would like to have (red or purple were my ‘jam’ at the time).

Then when we hit adulthood, our hope is a total different story. Right?
For me, as an adult and young woman, my hope was to find the right one; the perfect imperfect husband, to create my own family and to glorify God in the process.
And as the years passed by, going from the wrong boyfriend to the wrong fiancé, passing by 2 broken engagements, I admit I had to face God and ask Him “Alright God, what is wrong that I am not blessed on this!?”

But dear reader, it’s only when you hit the ground and you feel helpless and weak that you get it! I had to feel God breaking my pride and selfishness, making me weak and vulnerable the past months, in order to understand Him. And suddenly, coming like a fresh wind, His Spirit explained me where I was and what He was waiting from me. And that time, I was willing to listen. I had to submit to Him and to press on through the trial, believing that as God and my Father, He has the perfect plan for my life.


How do you see hope? And what is hope for you?
Hope in yourself? Hope in your abilities? Hope that someday life will or might work out?
The way you understand “HOPE” will determine the way you live it!

See, hope can’t go without faith and faith can’t go without hope. When you hope in something, you have to apply Mark 11:23-24, believing that “we can pray for anything and if we believe we received it, it will be ours”.
If you don’t active your faith by hope dear friend, you will never see the glory and wonders of God.
I would like to quote Austin Bevere in one of his preaching when he said “Hope is what gives substance to our faith. Without hope, my faith is without direction. Hope activates my faith!" And "Pressure strengthens my hope. So trials are here to make me press on in hope by faith!”

Understand this dear reader:  we are placed here on earth for a MISSION and a REASON. If we don’t get this and life turns only around us, we will never get from the point A to the point B where God wants us to go. In my previous post, I already said “it is not about us, it’s all about Jesus”. And when this truth hits your heart, nothing will ever be the same. It’s when you understand that “all being about Jesus” means actually “God how can I serve YOU today, how can I serve YOUR Kingdom and not serving myself first”. When we get this truth as Christian, we gain something totally worth it. We gain a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior, knowing by faith that He will bring us on the best pathway for our life.

Don’t let “yourself” get on the way of God’s plan for you!!!! Don’t let the visible makes you doubt about the amazing plans God has for you.

Worldly hope focuses on point A, on where I am right now.  Bible hope focuses on point B, where God is bringing me” ~ Austin Bevere

Today and more than ever in my life, I focus on point B by faith and determined to press on through trials. Today I thank God for what happened in my life, making 2016 the worse year of my life but also the best one. I finally understood how great my God is. And you, did you realize that our God IS the God of all hope?

Kath Leen.


Alright dear reader, BIG TOPIC here! Watch out as the coming content might shake you and put you upside down as it did with me.

I am right now in a time of fasting. I had a look at the Instagram of Jesus Culture end of January and I saw a post they wrote about their 40 days program of Praying & Fasting. At that moment, though it wasn’t planed at all, I felt the Spirit telling me “Kathleen, this year is a year of decision. And to make the right one and to hear clearly my voice, you will have to fast and pray”. So I immediately decided to go on with their program. Nothing was imposed for the way to fast. I decided then to fast one meal a day and this week, the idea came to my mind that social networks and television take a lot of space in our little world. When this thought appeared in my mind, I felt like it was the right time to pause and step out of the industry of #Hashtag for a while. So far it has been a week and I feel great about it.

Having the time to do something else than watching pictures on Instagram or following what happens here or there, I enjoyed reading and watching conference videos from famous speakers as Lisa Bevere or Joyce Meyer.
And it is while watching a video form Lisa Bevere and reading a book from Christa Black Gifford that clear understanding popped into my mind.

This very week of intimacy with God brought an answer to a question that I had for a pretty long decade: “God, why life keeps hitting at me when I feel like I don’t deserve this? Why am I always the one left alone and the one to suffer when I feel like I have been following you and faithful to you? I am the victim. I don’t get it, I do everything right. Why can’t I be happy once?”

Well dear reader, the answer from God hasn’t been long to come: “Kathleen, my dear daughter, it is not about you, it’s about me.”

And then I realized that in our life, it is not about US, it’s about JESUS.

You see, for years I believed that if I love God, if I try to follow his commands the best possible way, if I am nice to people, I will be blessed and happy. But the truth is that it doesn’t work this way with God. God loves us the way we are, as broken as we are, following His commands or failing most of the time, nice to people or having bad days and bad reaction to our neighbors, felling happy or feeling moody. Doesn’t matter how we are, God loves us and only wants us to follow His lead.

And here appears the first of my problems: I wasn’t following God with all my heart; I was legalistic. And being religious is-not-acting like a follower of Christ.  I was the best one at the age of 14, to tell my old sister that she was going astray because she decided to live with her boyfriend before getting married. I was the first one to point my finger at people who would have sexual relationships before the wedding and judge people when they were doing wrong. But this was without hearing the warning of God, telling me “Kathleen, you are not better than anyone else on earth. You are broken as all of them are broken. And if you don’t understand this and don't lean simply on me by grace and if you keep acting the way you do, you will end up with a tough result.”

End of the story? I myself fell into sin. I myself made mistakes in my choices of life and I myself had to live with the consequences. You see, we often cry out to God because bad things happen to us but the truth is that we also look for them when we are disobedient...
Thinking that this would teach me a lesson, I kept moving on but unfortunately, I kept growing in my Christian life with feelings mixed with guilt, anger, fear and the whole surrounded by a perfectionism and a religious spirit that were destroying my life.

It is only in 2013, in Israel, that God did set me free from this religious spirit. From there, I thought I won the battle but trust me, it was only the beginning and I woke up each day on a battle field, full of bombs.
For the 4 years following my trip in Israel, I have been betrayed by men. I have been giving my heart entirely. I thought that giving all of me would make them stay. I thought that I didn’t have necessarily to protect my heart as the Proverbs 4:23 urged me to do.
I won’t go deep in the explanation of why I wasn’t able to protect my heart and why I felt all the time the necessity of over giving myself in order to make a relationship work (It will probably be another topic). But I realized that doing this was not helpful at all.

I was full of fears. I was broken by the past pain I went through and my emotional heart (cf: Heart made Whole from Christa Black Gifford) didn’t want to suffer anymore. So my guardian heart was handling the situation. It was protecting my emotions by denying totally the pain, avoiding what my emotional heart was trying to say. But Christa Black Gifford gives us a very true point about this: if you are not really connected to God, the only way your guardian heart will try to protect you is by escaping. When the solution is actually to lean on God, expose freely your pain and let Him heal you. And here we are now. I finally understood what my emotional heart has tried to tell me for so many years.

So today, as I am in a process of healing, I proclaim God’s truth. I proclaim God’s word over my life. Today, the lies of the enemy have NOTHING to do here anymore and I can't do ANYTHING without Jesus. Today, I can step out, confidently, trusting God for being the best Daddy and giving me the best. Today, I decide to speak in the NOW.
Mark 11:24 says “For this reason I tell you: When you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for.” This verse points the NOW, the PRESENT. Don’t say “tomorrow I will get it, maybe…” NO! Speak in the NOW, proclaim that you received it already.

Today, I proclaim that I am blessed, and my husband to be waits for me out there.

And while proclaiming words of truth this week, I got this revelation I told you above:

It’s not about me, and it has never been about me. It’s about WHO JESUS IS, and who he wants me to become. Who he created me in order to become what He planned for me to become!

Dear reader, you have a calling on your life. God created you for something special. He designed your heart for a specific mission and you are unique (cf: Lisa Bevere – The book “Without Rival”).

I myself have a calling on my life and I need to discover it.
And the problem is that as long as we don’t know who God is, we will never discover who we are and what this calling on our life is.

Unless you get to know which papers you need to travel overseas (passport, flight ticket etc…) you will NEVER travel! First you need to know what you need, then get the papers, then you’ll be able to travel.

Unless you stop eating junk food and exercise, you will never be healthy.
Unless you taste broccoli, you will never know what it tastes like.
Unless a baby starts to stand on his feet and moves, he will never learn how to walk.

Well, with God, it works the same. First you need to know Him and His word, then you apply it on your life and start to speak the truth about who you are in Christ and proclaim His truth over your life and then you will discover your calling and will be able to be used for His Kingdom.

Stop wondering and saying you will do. Start doing and see where God brings you!

Dear follower, Joyce Meyer said one day “if you are in your car, on the parking lot and you start the engine but don’t start to drive, you will NEVER leave the parking lot. In order to go from A to B, you will have to start driving. Same with Jesus, in order to know where he brings you, you need to start moving.” And you need to put Him first; It-is-not-about-us...it's-about-JESUS.

So for now, I decided to move. I don’t know where, I don’t know when things will happen, but they surely will as I place God first in my life! I am daughter of the Most High God and His desire is to unlock His blessings on my life! it is not about ME here, it has never been about me. It is about GOD and His KINGDOM!

Let’s focus on Him, let’s develop our faith in Him and we will see His glory!

Be blessed.
Kath Leen.


I just came back from a trip to Norway and I can tell you that this amazing time spent there helped me to understand a lot of things about our almighty God.

So far in my process of healing the pain of my broken wedding from the past summer, I have passed through all the possible stages and I can tell you that some of them are really not fun. In 7 months now, I have been going through tears, anger, questions, doubts, mourning, silence, calm, sadness, bitterness, misunderstanding and many more.

I think that the worse when we feel abandoned the way I have been, it’s all the hope we put then in the people around us, thinking they would understand our pain. I thought that the horrible way my ex fiancé ended up our relationship would have made people react, they would have taken part for me, they would be shocked and at the point that they would talk severely to A.A. or in the other case, would like to have to do nothing anymore with him. Unfortunately, we live in a sinful and fallen world where trust in human being is not the best to do. Eventually and the past 7 months, a lot of people have disappointed me. Some didn’t took position when they should have done it, some pretended to be mad at my ex fiancé when all their actions prove the opposite. Some others even never mentioned their indignation about A.A.’s gesture and immaturity…

See dear reader? As long as you will wait for the approval or support of human being you will be disappointed. You’ll feel alone and abandoned, because again, we live in a fallen world.
The past July, I had that picture perfect plan working out, the perfect wedding day, the perfect best friend! But nothing happened the way I thought it would. But if I think further, I wouldn’t be writing this today. I would never have discovered what is real love, as the love of God shows it and above all, I would have never realized that I don’t know yet what God has designed my heart for. Realizing this will help me to step into my true calling and not the calling of someone else. And I know that God won’t take long to tell me what He created me for.

Things happen for a reason. Most of the things that happen to us, happen because of our personal choices (as God gives us free will) or because of the choice of others. Many time, I made choices that brought me to trials and thanks Jesus, He always used them for His glory and turned them into good as Romans 8:28  says, “we know that for those who love God all things (even bad then) work together for good,”.

In my case of course, what can I do ? I am in the actual situation because of the choice of my ex fiancé who decided to cut off the wedding 3 weeks before the big day and as we are all free of any choice, and as love can’t be forced, I had to accept the situation, helplessly and powerlessly.

Now, to accept the situation doesn’t mean either that I should sink in it and let myself die without any hope.
I do believe in God’s word which says in Jeremiah 29 :11 « For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.» and in Mark 11:23-24 which says « I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.»
I believe in an awesome and powerful God who can turn into good every tinny details of my life.
I do believe also that pain in itself is not the problem and reveals actually that indeed there is a problem that lies under it.

I’d like to quote Christa Black Gifford in the book HEART MADE WHOLE when she says :
« Acknowledgement of your current pain is the most powerful first step towards healing. Instead of running from your wounds, as you might have done in the past, it’s time to turn around and face them, realizing that pain is not the problem »
Can you understand dear reader, pain is not the problem but it is here to indicate you that there is something going wrong. If you don’t feel the hurt when a hammer hurts your foot and not the piece of wood, you will never take the time to heal it and put some ice on it.

When I started to read Christa’s book the past week, a lot of things got clear in my mind. I understood that I had to embrace the pain and not run from it. Starting for there, I understood that I had to cut off  with old habits and memories that kept me linked to my past and would prevail me to move forward. I also understood that we will always be hurt by people's reaction because the persons around us are not perfect. And God still ask us to forgive them for their mistakes and move on.

When you do want to move on and see the blessings of God in your life, you need to understand that more you link your heart with a past that have hurt you, less you'll move forward. It cost us always something to make decisions and take actions. But the price we pay is worth it and God honors this. I want my heart to be free from pain, from the past abandonment I've been going through the past summer. By the choice I made to get rid of memories of A.A. and all the promises that our wedding was about to bring me, I made one more step to set my heart free and to make everything possible to discover what God designed it for!

It is not an easy step. My heart has been crushed while all A.A.’s love letters and pictures burned yesterday in the fire I made for the occasion…

But it is a vital passage to embrace if I want to move on in life and discover the goodness and blessings of God for my life.

That very week in Norway, I decided to stop leaning on men but to lean on God only. The only one who will ever be able to understand me, love me unconditionally, respect me the way I am and never disappoint me.

Remember that « Perfect love casts out fear because there is no fear in perfect love.» (1 John 4:18)
I want God’s perfect love for me. I am not afraid of my future because I know God holds it. Though God is not in control of my choices and life because I am with my free will, He is still in charge ; and as long as I fix my eyes on Him, whatever may come my way because of my choices or choices from others, I will not fear. God is with me.

Today I make the choice to stop putting all my hope, trust, and dependence in the imperfect love of sinners and start putting all my hope, trust, and dependence in the perfect love of my Savior Jesus Christ. I will see the breakthrough and the blessings He is preparing for me are beyond mesure!!

And you ? What’s your decision today ?

Kath Leen.